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Love it x) could rinse all day to this

Demonicity responds:

thx :333

Not bad.

I really like this :3
The piano in the beginning sounds a bit too robotic though, maybe play around with the note velocities? Make it sound more human? :D
The ambiance and little sounds here and there are awesome. Adds a really clean-sounding creepiness to the song that I really like. The melody adds to the creepiness too, but it may get a tad too off-key at times. The breakdown's pretty fuckin' sick too. Good job :D

Quarl responds:

Thanks for the review sir. I played with the note velocities a little bit but your definitely right. I probably could have played more with the dynamics and melodies :)


I love this, especially the drop, some great sounds there.
I love the melody, the drums, fuck, I love everything about this
I really needa start usin' Massive.. It sounds, well, Massive here :D


Well, here's what I think.
You've got the right idea, because I know that if this song was perfectly mastered, I'td go on my ipod - I love the overall feel/vibe of this.
If you're using FL Studio, which I believe you are judging by some of the drumsI hear - look in to how to sidechain with Gross Beat. Sidechaining your synths can really change a song (for the better). As for the guitar, I personally think it sounds a bit too loud in comparison to everything else. Mastering. Listen to the song over and over and over and over again. Listen to it to the point where you'll be able to know every flaw you want to fix (Including raising + lowering volumes).
Okay, now for the drums.
They sound really weak in my opinion. Layering, layering, layering and mixer effects. Pick multiple drum sounds - hell, avoid FL Studios presets - find samples of sites like freesoundloops. Tweak them to your liking, and then layer them. Then put them in a mixer channel and add shittons of effects onto them. Stereo enhancer. Stereo shaper. Sound Goodizer. Bass boost. etc etc. Download vsts of the interwebz, too - like bitcrusher, or ohmicide. They're all useful.
Anyways, that's the best advice I can give you. Good luck and keep up with the music :D Practice + Experience = Professionalism

RunningShadows responds:

Thanks so much! Now I have plenty to experiment with. I really do appreciate your help

I approve.

I don't really feel like giving a full length review to someone 100x better than me, so I'll just leave it at:
Holy shit this is fucking beast.
Sorry for my language c:

Oh my Jesus

This is perhaps the greatest thing I have ever hear. Calling it a masterpiece would be an understatement!

You're so generous selling the rights for only 10$. If I were you, I'd be heading over to Hollywood to talk to Steven Spielberg's crew of composers. They'd pay over 9000$ for this type of thing...

Sick stuff

Great guitar playing, a little sloppy, but well done - and it's a lot cleaner than my playing :P
Good effects and great drums, too. What virtual drums are you using? They samples sound fucking sexy, especially the toms :P

Burn7 responds:

I gave your "Black White and Red" a listen and... really, your playing is probably better than mine is :P

But yeah, I definitely should have mastered this, or at least re-recorded my sloppiness. I would have if I had realized it was going to get so much fucking attention >.<

I use XLN Audio's Addictive Drums. It's a pretty sexy fuckin' kit. I did most of the EQ'ing on the kit myself though. I like to try and bring out the punchiness of the kick/toms, and most of the presets don't have that power that I enjoy.

Glad you liked it :)

Good job

It's not perfect, and there are a few things that I don't really like - but considering the fact that you don't even really like dubstep, this is really well done. Good job :D

DJT3chnic responds:

Hehe, yea.. I guess for the first time doing it.. It's ok, Nothing special. Thanks for the feedback.

Diiiirty wobbles

Sounding pretty sick so far.
The intro did begin to bore me, but lead to the buildup just in time to catch my attention again. The buildup sounds pretty effective. The drop sounds like it needs a subbass or something, but the wobbles are brilliantly filthy ;)
Looking forward to the finished track! Good job :D

Omnivore responds:

Thanks :D, my first time on Dub-Step, I'm glad I'm not Epic Failing this!

Oh my Jesus

My brain just fucking spl0ded man
this shit's better than Playboy, great effing job.

TheBiocide responds:

Hahahaha! That's a new one xD
Thanks man! Really glad you enjoyed it so much!

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