The Electric Warfare EP OUT NOW - FREE

2012-08-25 12:45:38 by Kayoszx


This EP has the best of all my music created in 2011. It is my very first step into the electronic music scene, experimenting with both Dubstep and Electro-house. None of the songs are all that great, and I doubt this EP will become very popular, but it's always cool to know where artists started out. A second EP will be released on September the 1st with all of my newer music.

It would take a million years to list my inspirations, but I have to give a huge thanks
to my good friend and collaborator Nick Rennie - or as you guys'd know him, Rezonate. Another young producer from here in Ontario that shares my passion for music. Without him, I would have given up at the little success of my first few songs. He inspired me to keep on going, and gave me a chance to make a song with him that ended up on Monstercat Media. The positive reaction to that song is what motivated me to make a second, and even third EP - which will probably be released before 2012 is over.

Thanks for everything, everyone.

I really hope you guys'll enjoy what I've put so much time and effort into making - I know I've certainly enjoyed creating it.

KayoszX - Eddie G.

Download it here!


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