Starting over again

2011-05-19 19:57:39 by Kayoszx

Hey guys,
just wanted to let you know my game plan from now till the end of summer.
Basically, I lost all my old song files because my old computer crashed...
Buut, fortunately, I have a new laptop now, so I can start making music again.
Though my guitar's broken and I probably wont be making rock/metal again until I get enough money to buy a new one, I'll be doing a lot of dubstep and electro.
I think I might be remaking all of my old dubstep songs, because I've gotten alot better since I first uploaded them.

My first remake (of Konvulzions, one of my first dubstep songs) is up as of now, so go check it out and leave some feedback ;)


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2011-05-19 21:06:57

Heh, wow.. My compooter died on me a couple of days ago, lost all of my hard work too.. Nice to hear from a fellow artist :3