Blue Screen

2011-05-07 23:35:43 by Kayoszx

Hey guys.

For anyone who's actually interested, I wont be making music for a while. And the release of my EPs'll probably be pushed back as well.

I was working on my entry to a contest today, and my computer got the blue screen and shut down. I was stupid enough not to back up my files :/

Now the computer wont even turn on, let alone boot up. If I'm guessing correctly, my files are probably already gone.

If I have the willpower to download all the programs, record all my songs, and make all my dubstep again - I'll probably be up and running by the start of summer.

But unfortunately I'm feelin a little depressed right now, so I'm probably not gonna be on newgrounds that much for the next little while.

For anyone that's supported my music and what I do, thank-you x1000000.

Seeya for now guys.



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2011-05-08 00:07:53

Blue Screen? What type of OS do you use? If it's XP, you might need to upgrade to Vista, or 7. And to avoid stuff like that in the future, I'd suggest getting Avast! or some Virus protector like that. Not to be a 'Pushy Paul' but I'm just sticking out for you so you won't get it again. (and to make awesome music too).

Sincerely a fellow composer,